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Taylor Swift

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Re: Taylor Swift

Post by Guest » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:45 pm

My two cents:

I love her music and she’s one of the few artists that I will shell money (I’m cheap!! and that shit adds up) out on itunes (except for the ones she already did youtube vids they are the catchy ones that I get sick of after a while) siince I believe in being a “socially conscious” buyer, lol.

I know a lot of ppl say she’s calculating, she writes songs about her exes too much, but I prefer to consider her self-aware (which is rare in Hollywood- even if she does have the ego the size of Kanye- who is talented yes, but a total asshat, at least she’s smart enough to not act like THAT in public view) and a savvy business woman.

I admire her marketing strategy, I think it helped her latest album sell very well and even though I listen to more of her new stuff, I like some of her old-stuff that was more country pop as well. <3

Offtopic: I’ll also actually admit to being her fangirl in public since she I feel she appeals to a broad range of people, instead of in one of those fandoms I don’t want to be associated with, (Examples: the 12 year olds that were the most immature type of haters because of her dating one of those 1D guys, I’d love to backhand one of them...seriously I don’t want kids that are the annoying/immature/entitled like that…...or even the anime fandom (I don’t want to be associated with those creepy otakus or crazy yaoi fangirls (abuse isn't romantic in my book).

I like that there is someone that is a bit more of a role model and not selling the fantasy of her bod or sexiness(although she is quite pretty, she’s definitely not what most people consider “hot"). Whether or not her sweetness, free promotion (shout-outs), etc is a calculated pr move it’s nice that there is someone who seems like a class act in the public eye and is a good role model for young girls (they need SOMEONE for goodness sake as with the way things are going...). I feel like she is the Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Lawrence of the music industry, slightly wholesome but not "holier than thou."

I’d love to go to one of her concerts since it seems like you get your money’s worth but I have social anxiety around huge crowds, unfamiliar people (and them being too close to me) and just that type of environment, so I will probably never get to see her live.

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