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FAQ and General Info

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FAQ and General Info

Post by Bremen » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:20 pm

It's been suggested that a FAQ/General Info thread be started for her, so here it is. This first post is general a small overview of Nina, the people she knows, and her family. Of course more will be added, so please do post any screenshots, links, videos, or any other information you may have of her, especially all of this recent drama and legal stuff. :D

-Her birth name is Denisse J. Muniz-Torres. Known as Nina Santiago (presumably her stripper name) on social media, modelling info, and her Youtube channel, Ninaunrated. Often referred to as Nono by people on GG.
-Born on September 21, 1979 in Puerto Rico.
-Had two children with ex-husband and former NFL player Morlon Greenwood.
-Nina claims to have began stripping at age 18 to support the family.
-Claims to have been raped by her father and forcibly sexually assaulted by her brother.
-Owner of Blingshield.
-Modeled for various, ghetto, cheapy hip-hop magazines and BellaGemaNails.
-Notorious for fake giveaways and namedropping Trisha Paytas.

-Her first child, Maxymus, was born premature some time in 2006 or 2007 (according to Nina in a Nov. 2014 video) and spent 10 days in the NICU in critical condition before passing.
-Her second child, Maximus, is known to be seven years old as of November 2015. Spent the majority of his life under the care of his grandmother, aunts, and uncle.
-Her father is Dionisio Muniz.
-Her mother Awilda Chinea, is known as Yvonne Chinea on her Youtube cooking channel.
-Older sister is Carmen Muniz, known as Dely Muniz on social media. Has children though not much is known about them. Lives in Sugar Land, TX with her mother and kids.
-Older brother is Derrick Muniz, known as Muniz Jam on social media. Lives in Boston, MA.
-Younger half-sister (maternally) is Crystal Chinea, known as Nani Torres on social media and her Youtube channel, TheColorfulMermaid. Lives in Philadelphia, PA.
-Younger half-brother (maternally) is Alex Soto. Not much is known about him.

-Ex-boyfriend is Derek Lewis, known as Alphadelewis on social media and his fitness centered Youtube channel. Shared the apartment with and trained Nina, Malia, and Tori.
-Malia Lucila Galluccio, known as Malilu Galluccio on social media and her Youtube channel. Worked as a stripper under the name Snowflake, alongside Nina and Tori. Is Nina, Derrick, and Tori's former roommate, though Awilda claims she had her own apartment.
-Tori Madison Towery, known as Meghan Beau on social media and her Youtube channel. Mother of Coco and Elsa. Worked as a stripper alongside Nina and Tori, also lived with them and alphadelewis.
-Coco and Elsa are Tori's daughters. Their ages are unspecified. They spent the majority of their lives in the care of Nina's family.
-Myles, known as TheMylesSpears on social media and youtube. Nina's 19 or 20 year old "friend" and first Youtuber Spotlight "winner". It is believed that Nina knew Myles prior to the Youtuber Spotlight, as Myles' father and Nina are both major distributers of HerbaLife products in South Florida.
-Sam Blair, has Youtube channel Piinksparkles. Nina did extravagant swaps and gift givings with Sam as leverage for her own channel. They finally met in person because Nina's second Youtuber Spotlight winner is conveniently located in Sam's native Canada.
-Sabrina, has a Youtube channel called xoxSabrina Licousxox and is Nina's second Youtuber Spotlight winner. She is 12 years old. Nina flew to Canada to surprise and meet her and Sam.
-Vonn Lowe, Nina's third Youtuber Spotlight "winner", who "won" just hours after submitting his video. Is believed to know Nina prior to "winning" due to strange "first meeting" when Nina flew Vonn, Rodrigo, and herself to Vegas as Vonn's gift.
-Rodrigo Germanotta, works at MAC store and frequently does Nina's makeup. Nina claims him as "her" makeup artist and "friend". Has self-titled makeup channel on Youtube. Also known as "Dirty MAC Guy" here on GG.

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Re: FAQ and General Info

Post by stars&rockets08 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:46 pm

Brief timeline of her arrest ect... (I know it's been posted so many times in the general thread. Posting it here for newcomers, and the future.)

-Previously- Her family members threaten to expose her true self, and secrets. She is also going though a custody battle for her son, following her divorce.

October 30th, 2015 - Posts the video: My Name Is Denisse Muniz... In this video, she reveals her real name; and that she is working as adult entertainer (stripper) in South Florida.

A day or two, prior to the November 11th video (can't recall which day it was :? ), she posts the video Dear Ex-Husband I'M BISEXUAL (video is now gone) In this video she reveled that she has had past relationships with women. She also talks about her childhood sexual abuse.

November 11th, 2015 - Posts the video: The Truth : ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? (video is now gone)
In this video, she says that the police are outside of her home. And that her family, and Morlon have won, and they ruined her life. Her son comes into the bathroom for a moment. The video was quickly privated. Later that day, it was unprivated. She then has a Periscope broadcast. It was pretty much the same as the video. Only more emotionally distraught.
It was later found out that the video, and broadcast were filmed during a stand-off with police.

New article here: http://www.local10.com/news/woman-posts ... e/36409484

November 13th, 2015 - She appears in bail bond court. Her (ex-) boyfriend asks for a reasonable bail. It is set at $1,500. Bail hearing (at 2:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGnJBv0vPvc
She is bailed within the hour of 10pm (EST). Her sister (Nani) is with her, and they have gotten a hotel. This is reveled though Nina's Snapchat stories. She also Snaps that she is single, and that life happens.
-Feel free to elaborate, or correct me if I got anything wrong-
We don't believe in filler.

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Re: FAQ and General Info

Post by Icanteven11 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:00 am

I don't think Malilu is snowflake, I think Malilu is her dancing name as her real name is Malia. When Nina apologized in the " Are you happy now? " video to Tori & Snowflake I think she meant Tori's Daughter Elsa. Elsa has claimed to her Mother that she was afraid of Nina. Her real name being Elsa ( character from frozen ) I can see her nickname being Snowflake. Elsa is 3 years old, the other little girl Coco just turned one & is too young to be aware of anything that was going on. Malilu is a surfer ( think her name is a take on Malibu ) doesn't make sense to dance under the name Snowflake or for Nina to address Tori by her real name & not Meghan when apologizing but call Malia " snowflake "

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