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Squat? Or not?

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Squat? Or not?

Post by ItsRawrzz » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:40 pm

I can't squat "properly"...

I decided today I'd do the 30 Day Squat Challenge and did my 50 squats the way I always had when I was watching Cassey Ho's squat challenge. After doing it (and feeling the burn... gosh I'm unfit XD ) I wanted to see if there was a correct way.

I struggle to keep my heels down, which apparently is something to do with Achilles Heel tendons or hip flexors... and I tried to really focus my weight to my heels, and then slowly I felt myself topple backwards.

I'm really struggling with the heels down... I find myself toe-walking sometimes up and down stairs. Every time my heels do go down, I lean too far forward or something (my knees go forward a little too) and apparently that's bad form.

Does it really matter? I mean, I can feel my thighs burning, and my knees aren't affected that much... can I just carry on, and work on improving my form as I go? or should I try specific exercises? I already do lunges and stuff (and reverse lunges.... sometimes). But still... I just go about the squats with my feet apart as you should, and toes forward and when my heels are down my knees are bent at roughly 100 degrees.

Any tips?

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Re: Squat? Or not?

Post by Nadeshda » Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:29 pm

Your heels are probably coming off the floor because your center of gravity is off, it should remain above your heels and you form is probably causing it to go over to your toes. Try squatting with your back against the wall and stay at the bottom position a bit, maybe it will help and more than thinking of going down, think about pushing that butt back and sitting *back*. To help you with your balance you can lean your torso slightly to the front, making sure to keep the chest up and back straight. Your toes can point slightly outward, about 30 degrees, that will actually help engage more muscles (inner thighs), as well as trying to squat to at least parallel (more depth = more booty work :) ). Good luck!! :)

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Re: Squat? Or not?

Post by onigiri815 » Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:03 pm

Until you master form correctly its really unwise to do squats. As Nadeshda said, squat with your back against a wall. Go slowly and lean back onto your heels, the wall will stop you from falling. Another way is to get a rope, wrap it round a pole and use this to pull on as you "sit back" into a squat, again focusing on your heels being the stabilisers.
A squat burns your thighs but done correctly you WILL feel it in your glutes as well. There is nothing more satifying than that feeling because you know you have targeted your booty.
Knees shouldnt go over your toes and start with a wider stance then work in.

Try googling sumo squats, squat form, and watch some videos from a youtube channel called Fitness Blender; they helped me from the beginning.

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